USA team should improve

Bruce Arena said that the United States Men National Soccer Team perform reasonably well in the draw against Venezuela but that there is room for improvement.

He said that the game was only a friendly match and this could be seen in the intensity of the game.

However, he admitted that the players would have to do better on set pieces as they did not appear to be confident on these type of actions.

Indeed the USA team conceded when they fail to defend a corner properly, and the ball was headed into the area. The defenders failed to defend properly, and it fell for Velazquez who managed to open the scoreline for Venezuela.

The opposition managed to get other opportunities on set pieces, and it is only the talent of Tim Howard that managed to keep them into the match.

Bruce Arena said that it was a difficult game as Venezuela defended well. They waited for the USA team to come to them, and they defended in numbers. He said that it was not an easy game and that they should be expecting the same thing in their World Cup qualifiers.

The coach said that the team also needs to improve their finishing as they were quite poor in front of goals. He said that there has been some poor decision-making in the final third and that have prevented them from creating some more opportunities in front of goals.

Bruce Arena said that he is however proud of his players as he feels they are progressing. He admitted that there is still a lot of work to do and that they will be working on these aspects in training. He said that they will now have to regroup and prepare for their upcoming World Cup qualifiers that are due during the week.