Match Tied between USA and Uruguay

USA and Uruguay faced each other for an exhibition match and the first international goal for Jordan Morris helped the USA to draw the match against Uruguay with 1-1 score. The goal came in the 79th minute of the game. Jordan has not been able to score any goals in a span of over 2 years. He scored the goal right after an attempt was made by Jose Gimenez to clear the area close to the end line. It bounced on Nick Lima, the defender from the USA and restricted in front of the goal that was open at that moment. Jordan moved the ball to the goal area with the help of his chest to make his sixth goal internationally. It is his first goal since he played the final match of Gold Cup CONCACAF 2017 against Jamaica.

Gregg Berhalter is the manager for the team of USA. He was all praises for his side after the result. He said that they have always faced and fought against the tough side of Uruguay. He stated that the team has done a marvelous job but on scheduled set pieces. The Uruguayan side is very dangerous, especially for the particular set pieces of defense, Gregg said. He congratulated the team and said it is more important for me to see that the team members have great tenacity to play such a game for such a long time. Uruguay is a team that has the ability to fight every inch of the game, but the USA also had the confidence in them.
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Gregg Berhalter on US team

The new United States national team head coach Gregg Berhalter said that he is happy to take charge of the team. He said that there are some good players in the squad and that it is up to him to make sure that they play as a team.

He was recently in Germany to meet US players playing in the Bundesliga as well as German football officials. He said that it is a good thing for United States players to play in the Bundesliga as this allowed them to get more experience. He said that the Bundesliga is one of the best league in the world and it is important if you want to become a top national side to have your players to play in the best leagues.
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